China: Your Company’s Next Market Frontier

Successful Communication Strategies in the Land of Everything in the “Year of the Dragon”

Hosted by the PRSA Global Affairs Committee.

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Categories: Executive Level, Leadership & Management

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China and other countries of Southeast Asia are increasingly attractive to U.S.-based businesses. However, the challenge is to engage in strategic communication with stakeholders in this new frontier that Ignazio Messina of Toledo Magazine called “the Land of Everything,” paraphrasing Liu Wenge, section chief of liaison and information for the Qinhuangdao Foreign and Overseas Affairs Office, who described his homeland as a “place to see everything.”

This webinar will feature some of the most knowledgeable and highly respected public relations practitioners who work for large transnational corporations and global public relations agencies in the region. You will gain insights into how your company can benefit from a strong public relations presence in China during the “Year of the Dragon” and beyond.


Photo of John L. Paluszek, APR, Fellow PRSA

Paluszek specializes in reputation management and corporate responsibility. He is a past chair of The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, liaison to the United Nations for the Global Alliance and PRSA, and a public relations representative on the IIRC communications committee.

Photo of Katerina Tsetsura, Ph.D.

Tsetsura has more than 70 peer-reviewed publications. She has worked in journalism, public relations and advertising in Russia and the USA. Tsetsura continues to provide strategic counseling to agencies, companies and organizations around the world in the areas of strategic planning and issue monitoring. Tsetsura is a chair of the PRSA Global Affairs Committee and is a member of editorial boards of several leading journals in the field, including Communication Theory and PR Journal.



Burns oversees operations in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai, and is responsible for developing and implementing strategic public relations campaigns for local and multinational clients, and supporting global clients. He joined the Interpublic Group in 1999 and was promoted to his present position in 2006.

Hoy is a former managing director of Dods and the former publisher of Public Affairs News and The House Magazine. He has worked for organizations including the BBC, The Times and Investment Week. A former Downing Street lobby correspondent, he has more than a decade of specialist publishing and editorial experience in the public affairs, communications and government arenas in Europe and Asia.

Schubert studied management and engineering and took master’s degrees in engineering and management in Berlin (Germany) and Hoboken, N.J. (USA), before training as an attaché and assuming duties in the Economic Directorate-General of the German Foreign Office in Bonn. In 1996, Schubert joined the strategic planning department of DaimlerChrysler Services AG in Berlin, where he headed the press department from 1997 onward. Schubert started working for BASF as Head of Corporate Communications BASF Group in 2001. Since October 2008, he is leading Corporate Communications Asia Pacific, based in Hong Kong.


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