Assessing the Communication Department’s Infrastructure

Develop a Set of Metrics to Evaluate Your Staff’s Communication

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Category: Measurement & ROI

While we often measure how well our messages reach our audiences and how well our channels are performing, a key set of metrics can evaluate how well the communication staff is using its time and money. This session will provide examples of how different communication departments have measured:

  • The proportion of time spent at different job levels in different ways, including being proactive/reactive, strategic/tactical and audience-focused/administrative.
  • The proportion of staff time and budget focused on different stakeholder groups compared to how important executives believe each of those groups are to the organization’s success.
  • The match-up between ideal skills needed for different positions and the skill sets of current staff.
  • How executives evaluate the communication department’s ability to fulfill their expectations.

Benchmarking with other companies to compare aspects of the function, such as structure, titles, reporting relationships, activities performed in-house versus outsourced, staffing levels, budget, etc.


Angela Sinickas, ABC, IABC Fellow, CEO, Sinickas Communications, Inc.

Photo of Angela Sinickas, ABC, IABC Fellow Angela Sinickas, ABC, IABC Fellow, is CEO of Sinickas Communications Inc., an international consulting firm that helps organizations plan and measure successful communication, including 25 percent of the Forbes’ Global 100 largest corporations. Sinickas is the author of the manual “How to Measure Your Communication Programs.”


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