Building Effective Crisis Plans

Learn to Identify Crisis-causing Risks and How Your Crisis Plan Can Pass Seven Powerful Tests

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Category: Crisis & Reputation

This is an intensive 90-minute emersion in the strategic concepts and thinking required to develop crisis communication plans that work. Learn to identify crisis-causing risks and exposures; the crisis plan components most plans miss but must have; and how to avoid, anticipate, and pre-empt the mistakes and errors that cause response failure. Learn how to involve key leaders in the approval and planning process that builds crucial management and employee buy-in so necessary for ongoing readiness.

Effective crisis plans must meet seven powerful tests:

  • Top management approval before you proceed.
  • Sensible, sound thinking and strategy.
  • Get the first few minutes, few hours of a crisis right.
  • Manage media coverage and public concerns and the victims, from the start.
  • Involve management meaningfully in execution and readiness.
  • Accommodate the foreseeable patterns of mistakes, problems and distractions.
  • Accountable, ethical and moral behavior by leadership.

Each participant receives a substantial handout including “Your Quick Guide to the Crisis Communication Management Planning Process.”


Photo of James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, IABC Fellow; APR, Fellow PRSA, BEPS Emeritus

James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, Fellow IABC; APR, Fellow PRSA, BEPS Emeritus, is president of The Lukaszewski Group, a division of Risdall Marketing Group. Considered America’s Crisis Guru®, his name appeared in Corporate Legal Times as one of “28 Experts to Call When All Hell Breaks Loose,” and in PR Week as one of 22 “crunch-time counselors who should be on speed dial in a crisis.” Lukaszewski has served on the PRSA National Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS) for more than 20 years.



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