Using Age to Engage

Find Out More About Your Target Audiences

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Category: Communication Strategy

Age is both a demographic and psychographic, which makes it a very diversified and useful research tool. When carried out correctly, generational marketing can serve as a cost-effective strategic research approach to learning more about your target audiences. This webinar will explain how each group has its own nuances, personality, distinctions and personal value. Attendees will:

  • Examine how age explains consumer behavior in the marketplace.
  • Understand how generational research assists in communicating more clearly to your audiences.
  • Learn how to successfully incorporate age characteristics in survey research.
  • Obtain a list of websites, listservs and newsletters that will assist you in keeping in tune with various generational behaviors, media use and marketplace preferences.
  • Receive an overview of generational analysis, and learn how it complements consumer behavior research.


Photo of Lisa Fall, APR

Fall has been teaching public relations at the university level since 1992. Previously, she was a public relations practitioner in the travel/tourism and hospitality industry. She is a full-time associate professor at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where she teaches various public relations management courses. Her primary areas of research include public relations/marketing communication in the travel/tourism industry, consumer behavior and alternative class formats.


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