Managing High-Profile Social Media Crises

An Entertainment & Sports Section Webinar

Hosted by the Entertainment & Sports Section.

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Categories: Crisis & Reputation, Social Media

As public relations practitioners in the entertainment and sports fields are well aware, there seems to be a particular urgency associated with issues involving public figures. Athletes and celebrities are recognizable by more of the general public, and their reputations are often more fragile. Now that Twitter and other social media outlets are outstripping mainstream media outlets in breaking news, it is critical that public relations practitioners have a plan in place to manage social media communications during a crisis.

Join Sarah Evans and David Scott for this webinar, which will discuss what you can do to prepare for crisis... before the crisis happens. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Develop a crisis communications plan and response matrix.
  • Assess the likely online life cycle of a crisis.
  • Monitor social media sites to stay on top of breaking news affecting your organization.
  • Apply the lessons of existing case studies to circumstances you may face.


Photo of Sarah Evans

Evans is a well-known public relations and new media consultant, focusing on media relations, message management, coalition building, deployment strategies and organizational change. Evans initiated and moderates #journchat, the top-trending weekly live chat between PR professionals, journalists and bloggers on the microblogging platform, Twitter.


Scott has written for a number of national publications including full-time stints at College Sports, Sport and Sports Illustrated for Kids. He is also co-author of “Bounce Back: Overcoming Setbacks to Succeed in Business and in Life,” with former UMass head coach John Calipari, and was editor and content manager of



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