Anatomy of a 2.0 Release

Write Releases That Get Posted on Portals, Help Google Find Your Site, Reach Readers Online and More

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Categories: Media Relations, Techniques & Tactics, Writing

Are your releases among the 3 percent to 45 percent that actually work? Depending on which study you look at, 55 percent to 97 percent of all news releases sent to media outlets are never used. No wonder! Most releases written today are old-fashioned, formulaic and dull. In this session, you’ll learn to create press releases that actually get the word out. You’ll walk away from this program with checklists, formats, dos and don’ts, and rules of thumb for effective public relations writing based on the latest research. They didn’t teach you this in PR 101!

You’ll learn:

  • How to take advantage of online distribution to get your release posted on portals, help Google find your site, and reach customers, clients and other stakeholders online.
  • How to write better headlines, decks and leads for your releases.
  • Why getting the “gobbledygook” out is even more important online than in print.
  • How long your release should be.
  • How to craft links that help Google find your Web site.
  • How to optimize your releases for search engines and human readers.


Photo of Ann Wylie

Wylie works with communicators who want to reach more readers, and with organizations that want to get the word out. Her workshops take her from Hollywood to Helsinki, and to organizations like NASA, Nike and Nokia. More than 14,000 communicators worldwide subscribe to her e-zine, Wylie’s Writing Tips. She has earned more than 60 awards, including two IABC Gold Quills, for her work.



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