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Using Social Media as a Career Tool

December 12, 2013

As a part of my MBA studies, I took an elective marketing communications course, where I conducted many SWOT analyses to measure strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Why is this planning process important when discussing career development? Many career counselors and coaches suggest that job seekers use SWOT to explore career options, skills and industries. While doing this is good practice, job seekers should also conduct a personal analysis to measure their social media involvement.

Searching for a job or an internship is challenging today, but social media has opened many doors for job seekers. Deciding what social media platform to use will depend on the person. My suggestion: Measure!

Here are some questions that may help job seekers who are using SWOT analysis to determine if they should use a specific social media platform as a career tool:


  • What are the advantages of using Twitter?
  • Why is Twitter a unique job search tool?
  • How do other job seekers use Twitter?


  • How could Twitter improve for job seekers?
  • What aspects of Twitter should a job seeker avoid?
  • What are Twitter’s weaknesses as a career tool?


  • What are some trends regarding social media as a career tool?
  • Are there social media opportunities?
  • What changes do you notice in social media?


  • What barriers exist with social media as career tool?
  • What are other job seekers using — are there better mediums?
  • Are others more advanced in using social media?

By Joseph M. Catrino, Assistant Dean, Career Development,School of Communications, Quinnipiac University



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