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Sustainability Communications Turns Public Relations into Proof Relations

Publication Date: 2011, Summer

Source: SO02 Public Relations Strategist
Product Code: 6K-031110
Organization/Author/Firm: Ian Edwards
Specialization(s): Green Marketing Sustainability
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For PR practitioners, focusing on sustainability can launch more substantive roles with companies and clients. It elevates traditional PR functions and puts the brand expert squarely in areas of C-suite-level operational change and long-term risk management.

Sustainability makes issues-focused public relations pivotal in business management innovation. Its brand boosting powers improve margins and mitigate the negative impacts of corporate behavior on the community and the planet. Let’s see a press release do that.

And unlike other PR campaigns, which beg for evidence to back up their claims, “prove it” is a basic mantra of sustainability communications. Here’s an overview of the emerging practice:

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