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Envisioning Web 3.0 - And Its Potential Impact on Public Relations

Publication Date: 2009, Spring

Source: SO02 Public Relations Strategist
Product Code: 6K-020914
Organization/Author/Firm: Jeffrey Barrett
Specialization(s): Social Media
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To help us envision Web 3.0's potential impact on public relations, consider the following statements about PRSA:
o PRSA is the world's largest organization for PR professionals.
o Jane Doe is a member of PRSA's San Diego Chapter.
o PRSA produces a monthly publication called The Strategist.

People can easily process such concepts, but it is much more difficult for computers to do this. Computers have a hard time extracting syntax and logic the way that we d o, especially when linking ideas together. The Semantic Web seeks to overcome this deficiency by establishing relationships between a subject and its properties in a language that computers can comprehend.

So, if you are currently searching for an article from The Strategist written by Jane Doe, then you would have to click through a series of separate physical links to individual sources or databases that may contain information about the article. PRSA, its San Diego Chapter or Jane Doe. But with Web 3.0, you would simply need one search agent to assemble all of the relevant information that you need.

If Web 3.0 and the Semantic Web achieve what their advocates envision, then PR practitioners would gain access to a technology that incorporates the best of the existing Internet into an advanced system featuring computer -friendly language that connects infinite sources.

With these capabilities in place, PR professionals would be able to do the following.