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The Secret to Social Media Success: Playing Well With Others

Publication Date: 11/2010

Source: SO01 Public Relations Tactics
Product Code: 6C-111008
Organization/Author/Firm: L. Drew Gerber
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Have you ever experienced colleagues who claimed that they were slammed with work, but their Facebook pages were full of frequent, frivolous activity? Or maybe you’ve been browsing Twitter and a rude, off-the-cuff remark from a friend surprised you. These are situations to watch out for in the world of social networking etiquette.

Sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook provide companies with boundless opportunities to promote and build their businesses online. However, communicators everywhere need to remember that the “social” aspect is just as important as the networking aspect on these sites. This means that you need to treat people the same way online that you would if you were interacting with them face to face.

To paraphrase Robert Fulghum, the author of the bestselling book “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” — to be successful with social networking, you have to play well with others. Here are some tips.