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Old School, New Media: How social media is moving into PR classrooms and do the students know more than the professors

Publication Date: 10/2009

Source: SO01 Public Relations Tactics
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Organization/Author/Firm: Amy Jacques
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As technology continues to develop, students and teachers are finding that traditional learning methods in the classroom are changing too. These Millennial students are digital natives who are forcing professors to pay greater attention to the rapidly evolving social media landscape.

Students agree that the application of social media to PR strategy is what they would most like to learn. They are familiar with how to use social media platforms for personal use, but are still trying to harness them professionally and strategically.

According to those teachers and students interviewed, blogs and discussion boards are by far the most common social media platforms used inside and outside the classroom.

While all professors may not use social media tools to teach students, it is evident that they need to continue introducing their students to these tools, helping them hone their networking skills and providing them with an understanding of how to strategically apply these best practices to their professional lives.