Public Relations Tactics

Never a Dead End: Paving a Path Through Persistence

Publication Date: 4/2008

Source: SO01 Public Relations Tactics
Product Code: 6C-040812
Organization/Author/Firm: Kelly Papinchak
Specialization(s): Career Development
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When I entered the PR profession more than five years ago, I did not intend to average one job per year. This pattern started at my first job, when budget cuts halved my salary within my first year, and continued at my next job, where a layoff left me looking for employment after only a few short months. Clearly, I was not dealt the best hand out of college.

However, I am proud that I did not miss a single day of employment between jobs. That is a direct result of persistently building my contacts — even if I have a job that I love dearly and would never imagine leaving. I want to emphasize that networking does not mean meeting people to get a job, and networking is not asking someone to be your mentor because he or she works where you want to work. Networking is about building and maintaining relationships for mutual benefit, which is the most basic definition of public relations. INSERT: Why change jobs? / Navigating a job change