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Career Development: Do, Explore and Read | Diversity Dimensions

Publication Date: 4/2008

Source: SO01 Public Relations Tactics
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Organization/Author/Firm: Rochelle L. Ford, Ph.D., APR
Specialization(s): Career Development / Multicultural - Diversity
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As children, we learned the fire safety slogan, “Stop, drop and roll.”

Safeguarding and developing your career in a multicultural context can be just as simple, summed up in three steps: Do, explore and read.


Routine has potential to make your career feel stagnant. To prevent this, learn one thing new each week about public relations, your publics, your organization or your industry. Hours of formal study or expensive, off-site professional development workshops are not necessary; just read, listen to podcasts or review studies online — simple things. The key is doing it now, not waiting for the right price or an order from the boss.


Many companies sponsor cultural days, affinity groups and service projects during lunch or after hours to teach employees about diverse cultures and people. Use the opportunity to network with your colleagues. Talking to people you normally don’t see can open doors of understanding.

Exploring also means searching the vast amount of information available online that can help your career, including not just career sites, but also PRSA’s Professional Resource Center. Each week, search a topic of interest and, if you’re a PRSA member, the resources are available for free.


With so much that many need to read for work, we have little time to read to improve our own careers, especially in multicultural awareness. To stay abreast of what is happening,

I subscribe to several free online newsletters or e-briefs, including:

o Research briefs from Media Post.
These briefs, gathered by The Center for Media Research, give recent summaries or abstracts of research studies related to marketing, advertising and media. These help me stay informed about spending habits and media usage behaviors.

o Diversity Inc.
The quarterly magazine has excellent in-depth stories on diversity management and multicultural marketing. The electronic newsletter has breaking news and analysis from a multicultural business perspective. Details:

o MMR e-News.
Multicultural Marketing Resources Inc. sends a free e-mail newsletter with featured events, conference announcements and articles about trends in executive leadership and business. Lisa Skriloff, principal of MMR, is an active PRSA member. Details:

More than just a women’s fashion magazine, Essence sponsors a free newsletter for women called “Women Who Are Shaping the World.” Content comes from an annual summit of the same name. Details:

o HispanicPRMonitor.
Hispanic PR Wire publishes this newsletter addressing issues related to Latino media, marketing and public relations. Manny Ruiz, co-chair of PRSA’s Diversity Committee, is also president of Hispanic PR Wire. Details:

Rochelle L. Ford, Ph.D., APR, is associate dean, research and academic affairs, at Howard University. E-mail:

Diversity in Advertising/PR Career Day set for April 24

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proclaimed April 24 to be “Diversity in Advertising / PR Career Day,” saluting the one-day job fair and conference created to provide multicultural professionals with a forum to network and explore career opportunities in the advertising industry.

The success of the event last year prompted a return of Diversity in Advertising / PR Career Day on April 24 at the Hilton New York. A similar job fair is schedule for Los Angeles on July 1. Details: PRSA is a Professional Partner of the Diversity in Advertising / PR Career Day.