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When Does it Pay to Work for Free? | How To Advice for Practitioners

Publication Date: 01/2011

Source: SO01 Public Relations Tactics
Product Code: 6C-011106
Organization/Author/Firm: Betty Weibel, APR
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PR professionals are aware that our services are in high demand, though not everyone can afford them. Agencies and individual practitioners often receive requests to donate services to charities and nonprofit organizations.

While some firms never accept non-paying — or pro-bono — projects, others embrace community service to the point that charitable commitments become overwhelming.

The appropriate response to accepting pro-bono work is somewhere in the middle. Agencies can benefit from pro-bono work, but they must consider each opportunity objectively and strategically.

Pro-bono activities can prove to be beneficial for both the PR agencies and clients involved. Follow these suggestions from Betty Weibel, APR to create a rewarding opportunity without becoming overwhelmed.