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The purpose of the Public Relations Journal is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the educational community to the professional community. As an academic journal, it is dedicated to the open exchange of information. All articles undergo rigorous objective academic review.

For information about submitting an article, and editorial guidelines, contact publicrelationsjournal@gmail.com.

Editor: Robert I. Wakefield, Ph.D., APR, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Brigham Young University. Dr. Wakefield has an extremely solid record of public relations research activity during the past 14 years. His publications include PRSA’s Public Relations Journal, Journal of Public Relations Research, Journalism of Mass Media Ethics and Journal of Communication Management. Prior to entering full-time work as a university professor five years ago, Dr. Wakefield compiled a solid record as a public relations practitioner for more than 20 years.

Public Relations Journal: ISSN 1942-4604