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3 Easy Tips to Make a Great GIF

January 5, 2018


Simply put, a GIF (graphics interchange format) is an image that moves. The file is animated by combining several other photos or frames into a single file. GIFs — pronounced jifs — have gained popularity in recent years on blogs, social media and entertainment sites.

GIFs outperform static images by nearly 50 percent and video by 85 percent, according to experts from Giphy, an online database and search engine that allows users to find, share and create these animated files. GIFs also help brands and businesses stay relevant on social media platforms.

Try adding a GIF to your communications plan on social media. Here are three tips to keep in mind:

1. Tell a story.

Express yourself, while delivering a clear and concise message. Be sure that the GIF lines up with your products, services or campaigns.

2. Have cultural significance.

Tap into pop culture if applicable. Reaction GIFs often make the best ones. However, remain sensitive about the tone of the news. Don’t use a GIF in response to serious events.

3. Keep the text light.

You need a caption for context, but remember not to use too many words.

To make your own GIFs, visit:


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