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2012 Hyperconnections Summit: Smashing out of the Box in PR

Sept. 27-28, 2012 | Atlanta, Georgia

Presentations from this conference are available to Technology Section members. Sign into MyPRSA to download these hand-outs and slides.

Atlanta Braves: The Play-By-Play of a Social Media Campaign Success [Presentation]
In the world of sports, social media has allowed fans to engage and connect with their favorite sports stars much more than they would have in the past. While the majority of sports teams have been slow off the mark, some organizations, like the Atlanta Braves, recognized the unique opportunities that social media brings to promote their brand.More than 20,000 Atlanta Braves fans across the United States participated in the inaugural #BravesBash on Sunday, Aug. 14, 2011. The official blurb was, “Go inside the Atlanta clubhouse and get an interactive look as players and coaches chat live with fans,” and through an innovative combination of live webcast, Twitter, Skype chats with fans, live auctions and call-ins, that’s exactly what the Atlanta Braves baseball team did.
Presenter: Ryan McFerrin, manager, interactive marketing, Atlanta Braves

Using Infographics as a PR Strategy [Presentation]
Brian Wallace will demonstrate real-world case studies that show technology public relations professionals how to take a company that is a small business, startup, or niche vertical, and create infographics that readers care about and are entertained by. Hint: Behind every successful infographic, is a search engine optimization campaign.
Presenter: Brian Wallace, president, NowSourcing, freelance writer at Mashable and Business Insider

How to Track With Mobile Commerce [Presentation]
Lori Salow Marshall will explain the future of mobile transactions and show the significance of the mobile payments space in the world of commerce at every level. She will delve into how this will impact communications and transactions in a hyperconnected world. Her company plans to mobile-enable these transactions and intends to be an industry leader for all types of “point-of-decision’ transactions. What does the mobile future have in store? A standard sale of a goods or even a transaction involving rewards, access or identity recognition will soon be done anytime, anywhere. “Stored value payments” are expected to become more common because they lower overall costs and drive new revenue opportunities by enhancing relationships between buyers and sellers. All of these interactions between a buyer and seller, or an enterprise and their employee, are simple mobile transactions. The world of communications has just broadened again with mobile transactions and unattended retail. Learn how to think about mobile interactions as a new form of marketing and communications outreach.
Presenter: Lori Salow Marshall, chair & CEO, BYNDL

Avoiding the Paid Social Marketing Trap by Activating Owned & Earned Media [Presentation]
The pressure keeps rising to deliver results in social media when you run out of clever questions to ask your fans, it can be tempting to crank up ad spend to keep the numbers up, but this is a trap. The fans you buy aren't the fans who are going to engage to keep your numbers high.Succeeding in social media starts with owning your message and setting up a steady rhythm of content that creates fertile ground for fans to interact. We'll start with the basics of strategic use of your owned marketing channels and how they lead into opportunities for earned media. Then, we'll dive deeply into the big, sometimes mysterious opportunities presented by Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm and Twitter's trending topics, and learn how to take advantage of them.
Presenter: Rob Kischuk
, founder, Badgy

Managing Forward: Analytics to Understand the Multi-Channel and Multi-Device Customer [Presentation]
As competition intensifies, the opportunity to differentiate your company based on customer experience becomes critically important. Companies committed to providing a superior customer experience face a common problem — how to evaluate and benchmark performance across multiple touch-points with consistent, insightful and actionable metrics that reflect the customers’ perspective? Learn more about the roles mobile, websites, social media, stores and call centers play in shaping customer experience and purchase intent, as tracked by ForeSee’s Top 40 eRetail Index research. Larry Freed will show you how to focus your company or client’s resources to improve customer experience using analytics that quantify satisfaction’s impact and predict customer behavior, not just report it.
Presenter: Larry Freed, president and CEO, ForeSee

Building Trust and Protecting Corporate Reputation in a Digital World [Presentation]
Learn more about the key role communications professionals play in reputation management. Trust in American business and in government has hit an all-time low, while building trust has become increasingly crucial to business and society in the twenty-first century. How we enhance and protect corporate reputation in the face of social media and instant “analysis” requires a new model for corporate communications and a set of pragmatic actions in order to compete in today’s radically changing business environment where even the most-valued brands face increased scrutiny from stakeholders.
Presenter: Bill White, senior vice president, corporate communications, Sprint

What Readers Want: Defining Techspeak to Verticals That Care [Presentation]
Joseph Grove will address what a technology public relations professional should know about pitching to vertical publications that cover technology, but want connect-the-dots information to the respective vertical. Networld Media Group publishes, as well as Mobile Payments Today, among others.
Presenter: Joseph Grove, executive editor, Networld Media Group