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Archive: Technology Section Hosted International Conference Presentations

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PRSA 2013 International Conference: Technology Section Hosted Session

Using Big Data and Analytics to Increase PR and Marketing Brand Awareness

Big Data and analytics are more than just marketing buzzwords. Stephen Loudermilk, director, media and industry analyst relations, LexisNexis, provides an insightful, first-hand look at how PR and marketing pros can get ahead in today’s competitive environment by taking a deeper look at how marketing dashboards and predictive analytics can measure a brand’s effectiveness. He’ll also discuss three companies leveraging Big Data and predictive analytics to enhance their brands and reputations.

  • Predictive analytics, that can help you do a better job creating awareness for your company’s/client’s customers by looking at their buying/behavioral habits.
  • Approaches to develop better metrics and dashboard reports.
  • Apply predictive analytics to intimately get in touch with your audiences and influence what they’re writing about.

Session Materials: Big Data and Analytics PR

Presenter: Stephen Loudermilk, director, media and industry analyst relations, LexisNexis.
Loudermilk is responsible for developing corporate reputation and CSR programs, as well as communications strategies for LexisNexis Risk Solutions. Previously, he was vice chairman at MIT Enterprise Forum of Atlanta. Loudermilk is currently chair of PRSA Technology Section.

PRSA 2012 International Conference: Technology Section Hosted Session

Mobile Engagement: A Winning Strategy
The focus on mobility has intensified in key industry sectors. Health care, retail and education are now using mobile application platforms to transform their messaging to constituents, buyers, employees and other groups. Get a firsthand look at three case studies that reveal how social engagement on mobile devices packs the punch in whatever strategy you are implementing.

  • Learn how to think about a mobile application’s value proposition, and explore delivery mechanisms.
  • Compare types of mobile platforms that are becoming inexpensive and require limited development cycles.
  • Identify analytics and approaches to measurement when it comes to mobile users.
  • Understand the public relations pluses of “sharing” on the mobile device, building hyper-local communities.

Session Materials: Mobile Engagement: A Winning Strategy

Presenter: Dawn Marie Yankeelov, president and founder, Aspectx.
As a marketing and public relations practitioner for more than 22 years, Yankeelov has counseled many companies and executed effective campaigns in targeting select markets. She reports on trends for Tech Republic and .