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Building Your Digital Footprint

Hosted by the Financial Communications Section

In an era where everyone’s professional story is told in part through the results people find when they search for them online, professionals have to think about the ways they are actively managing their digital presence and how their individual presence contributes to the overall story of their company. From journalists to potential employees to clients/customers and business partners, a professional’s profile becomes an important venue for them to show people rather than just tell them about their knowledge of and passion for the issues on which they focus. How do you think about managing your digital footprint in a way that builds the story you want to tell and that demonstrates your expertise in ways that comply and align with the regulatory environment in which you’re communicating?

The session discussed how to:

  • Evaluate and assess your current digital footprint.
  • Address gaps and issues with your online profile and create a solid foundation from which to build.
  • Ensure you are creating an online trail for your activities, to make sure you are getting the most from all you are currently doing.
  • Maintain continuity and consistency with all the aspects of your online story.


Jackie Kolek , partner and managing director, Peppercom