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Educators Academy Conference Proceedings


Research Papers and Poster Presentations: Public Relations Society of America Educators Academy Research Session

  • 2013 (Philadelphia, PA)
    • Includes Brand Alliance and Event Management for Social Causes: Evidence from New Zealand by Margalit Toledano and Murray Riches from the University of Waikato.
  • 2012 (San Francisco, CA)
    • Includes An Intertwined Future: Exploring the Relationship Between the Levels of Professionalism and Social Roles of Public Relations Practitioners by Juan-Carlos Molleda and Sarabdeep Kochhar, University of Florida; and Angeles Moreno, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain.
  • 2011 (Orlando, FL)
    • Includes Testing a Perceived Authenticity Index With Triangulation Research: The Case of Xcaret in Mexico by Juan-Carlos Molleda and Rajul Jain from University of Florida.
  • 2010 (Washington, D.C.)
    • Includes Intersections and Overlaps: Building Leader-Employee Relationships through Internal Public Relations, Leadership Style, and Workplace Spirituality by Nance McCown of Messiah College.
  • 2009 (San Diego, CA)
    • Includes The Value of Public Relations in Investor Relations: Individual Investors’ Preferred Information Types, Qualities, and Sources by Timothy Penning, Ph.D., APR of Grand Valley State University.
  • 2008 (Detroit, MI)
    • Includes Transforming Crisis into Confidence: Public Relations Professionals’ Perceptions of the Effectiveness and Ethicality of Image Repair Strategies by Denise Ferguson, Indiana Wesleyan University; J.D.Wallace, Lubbock Christian University; and Robert Chandler, Pepperdine University.