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Easing the Pain of Employee Turnover

PR suffers from extremely high turnover rates compared to other industries – as much as 30 percent annually by some measures. That's a significant risk for agencies, considering how easy it is for an exiting employee to take valuable relationships and knowledge out of the door with them if firm leaders don't take adequate precautions.

This Counselors Academy members-only webinar will feature Aly Saxe, founder and CEO of Iris PR Software and Ubiquity Public Relations, who will share her strategies for boosting employee retention, fortifying teams before an employee leaves, and recovering from unexpected exits.

Attendees will come away with actionable tips to help them:

  • Monitor team performance, identify individual strengths and efficiently allocate team resources.
  • Capture client, media and account information for easier transfer between account executives.
  • Translate data into insights that accelerate team success and foster a positive and motivating PR culture.
  • Develop lasting relationships with leaders, clients, influencers and reports that extend beyond individual team members.
  • Turn employee exits into smooth transitions with no palpable impact to clients and bosses.

Click here to download the speaker handout.