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Counsel Monographs

Counsel: White papers from the most comprehensive library of firm management information writter for public relations counselors by public relations counselors. The collection explores many aspects of firm operations, from getting started to employee relations to client retention. A Counselors Academy member benefit

"Billable and Unbillable Time" — David M. Grant, APR, Fellow PRSA (July 1991)

"Building the Trust Bank" —Dr. Robert A Schachat (Oct. 2000)

"Change Management: A Systems Approach to Dealing with Organizational Chaos" — Mitch Javidi, Ph.D. and Michael L. Herman, M.A., APR, Fellow PRSA (2002)

"Cold-Call Marketing of Public Relations Services" — Lee Levitt, APR (1990)

"Collaborating to Grow Your Business" Mark Wessel (2007)

"Creating the Hourglass Firm" —Amanda Brown-Olmstead, APR, Fellow PRSA (April 1995)

"Crisis Leadership: Learning from 9/11" — Terry Flynn, M.S., APR (October 2002)

"The Dark Side of Merging or Selling Your Business" — James E. Lukaszewski, APR, Fellow PRSA and Barbara Bray Lukaszewski (1990)

"Employee-Based Succession Planning: Why Selling to an Employee Might Make Better Business Sense than Selling Out" — Karl J. Skutski, APR, Fellow PRSA (April 2003)

"Employee Engagement: These Days It Takes More Than a Whistle to Keep Employees Focused"— R. Jason Anthoine (August 2004)

"The Expectations of the Buyer (and Therefore What the Seller Needs to Know) in the Negotiating the Acquisition of a Public Relations Firm"— Michael D. Ditzian, Michael C. Lasky and Lewis (1998).

"Focus on Diversity: Lowering the Barriers, Raising the Bar" — The PR Coalition (May 2005)

"Fundamentals of Firm Management I: Getting Started, Making Money, Staying Sane, Managing Success" — Daniel H. Baer, APR, Fellow PRSA; David R. Drobis, APR, Fellow PRSA; James E. Lukaszewski, APR, Fellow PRSA; and Stanley L. Ulchaker, APR, Fellow PRSA (December 1993)

"Fundamentals of Firm Management II: Marketing and Selling Your Services" — Chester Burger, APR, Fellow PRSA; Thomas L. Harris, APR, Fellow PRSA; Anne Sceia Klein, APR, Fellow PRSA; and James E. Lukaszewski, APR, Fellow PRSA (March 1995)

"Fundamental Skills for Maintaining Consultant-Client Relationships"— Charles E. Haddox, APR (August 1992)

"Growing Your Agency Through a Client Retention Strategy" — Thomas L. Amberg, APR (August 1998)

"The Head and Heart of Customer Service" — David C. Baker (May 2002)

"How Public Relations Can Effectively Lead an Integrated Communications Approach" — Thomas E. Eppes, APR (June 1998)

"How to Effectively Budget a Public Relations Program" — Phyllis H. Berlowe, APR (1991)

"The Imperative of Reputation: How Corporate Renown Influences the Bottom Line" — Thomas W. Hoog (September 2001)

"Marketing in the Next Millennium: A Public Relations Perspective" — Kenneth D. Makovsky, APR, Fellow PRSA (April 2000)

"A Matrix Approach for Communication Planning" — Peter V. Stanton, APR (December 2002)

"Motivating Employees Through In-House Training" — Sue Bohle, APR, Fellow PRSA (February 2000)

"New Business Commissions: Who Uses Them, Who Doesn't, and Why?" — Don Bates, APR (August 1996)

"The Online Movement: What Agencies Working in the B2B Space Need to Know" — Beth Hallisy, APR (2010)

"A Process for Managing Brand Relationships" — Tom Duncan and Sandra Moriarty (August 2000)

"Reaching for 'Yes' on Training" — Paulette S. Barrett (March 2001)

"Reaching Individual Potential in the Workplace: Hiring The Brightest and Training Them to Be The Best" — Michael L. Herman, APR, Fellow PRSA (March 2004)

"Reaching Individual Potential in the Workplace II: Hiring the Best and Training Them to Be the Brightest, As the World Turns: An Updated Approach to Hiring and Training for Small and Mid-Sized Public Relations Counseling Firms", Michael L. Herman, APR, SAGE, Fellow PRSA (2008)

"Reinventing the Agency: A Five-Step Process for Organizing and Launching the (R)evolution" — Tom Gable, APR (November 2001)

"Restoring Trust in Business: Models for Action"— The PR Coalition (September 2003)

"Ten Tumultuous Years: Examining a Decade of Change [A Peek at the Future]" — Gary F. Grates (August 1999)

"Think Excellence, Not Difference: Positioning Strategies for Success" — Eric Morgenstern, APR, Fellow PRSA (2007)

"Winning the Business You Really Want" — Richard H. Truitt, APR, Fellow PRSA (November 1999)