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Minnesota Chapter

About Our Chapter

Minnesota PRSA membership connects you with hundreds of local professionals — and thousands more nationwide — committed to the field of public relations. Professionals from agency, corporate, nonprofit, government and freelance sectors come together to learn more about public relations, expand their knowledge and share their talents with each other and the wider community. The purpose of Minnesota PRSA is to:

  • Advance the art and science of public relations in the public interest.
  • Encourage research, discussion and study of the problems and techniques of the public relations profession.
  • Strengthen and maintain the highest standards of service and ethical conduct by all members of the profession.
  • Exchange ideas and experiences and collect and disseminate information that may enhance or improve the professional knowledge, standards, ethics and standing of the membership.
  • Promote the profession.

Chartered in 1953, our Chapter has been a strong, viable part of our communications community for over 50 years. The strength of Minnesota PRSA comes from the experience, enthusiasm and generosity of its active members. Minnesota PRSA serves the state of Minnesota, the Dakotas and other surrounding areas.



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