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PRSA’s more than 100 Chapters are organized into 10 Districts. Districts are important elements in Chapter success and provide a vital link between the local and national organizations.  PRSA’s Districts support Chapters and their members by:

  • Offering professional and leadership development at a regional and local level that complement national programs. These can include District conferences, leadership training, and other programs that help improve organizational effectiveness.
  • Cultivating outstanding representatives at the District level who can contribute to the broader community of PRSA. This can include involvement with national committees and initiatives or election to national leadership, thereby strengthening PRSA overall and ensuring a sound and geographically diverse governance structure. 

East Central

  • Ind.
  • Ky.
  • Mich.
  • Ohio
  • Pa.*
  • W.Va.


  • Del.
  • D.C.
  • Md.
  • Pa.*
  • Va.


  • Ill.
  • Iowa
  • Minn.
  • Mo.
  • Neb.
  • N.D.
  • S.D.
  • Wis.

North Pacific

  • Alaska
  • Calif.*
  • Idaho
  • Mont.
  • Nev.*
  • Ore.
  • Utah
  • Wash.


  • Conn.*
  • Maine
  • Mass.
  • N.H.
  • N.Y.*
  • R.I.
  • Vt.


  • Ala.
  • Ga.
  • Miss.
  • N.C.
  • S.C.
  • Tenn.


  • Ark.
  • Kan.
  • La.
  • N.M.
  • Okla.
  • Texas


  • Fla.


  • Conn.*
  • N.J.
  • N.Y.*


  • Ariz.
  • Calif.*
  • Colo.
  • Hawaii
  • Nev.*


* indicates that only part of the state belongs to the district.

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