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The Storytelling Edition
Case in Point Replay
Categories: Branding, Communication Strategy, Techniques & Tactics

For the second year in a row, Cleveland Clinic earned the No. 2 spot in U.S. News & World Report’s 2017-2018 Best Hospitals. This is just one of the proof points demonstrating the strength of its reputation. But in today’s fragmented media world, what’s the best way to break through and continue to tell the stories that drive and build that well-earned prestige? Eileen Sheil, Executive Director, Corporate Communications, Cleveland Clinic will discuss how she and her team are evolving their media strategies into the digital world by creating the Corporate Communications Dept. of the future. “The overall concept is to evolve more as storytellers by self-publishing news that is unique to Cleveland Clinic," she says.

Eileen Sheil;
On-Demand Sponsored Webinar
Category: Techniques & Tactics
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It is estimated that 90% of the data ever created in the world was generated in the last two years. With increasingly advanced tools to generate and showcase data, it's easy for the message to get lost in the overly complex. In this presentation, you'll learn how to tell a compelling data story by decluttering data visualizations and incorporating an effective storytelling narrative to incite a call to action. Dr. Neelesh Varde; On-Demand
Association/Nonprofit Section
On-Demand Section Webinar
Categories: Communication Strategy, Emerging Trends, Social Media
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The digital landscape seems to change every day and keeping up with the strategies that are working right now seems downright impossible. In this webinar, you will learn how to keep on top of what actually matters in social media. You will learn a strategy to future proof your organization and hear how other organizations have used social media to build a community that has helped them to hedge against inevitable changes. Learn why most organizations don’t get the traction they had hoped for in social media and how you can circumvent their mistakes. Kami Huyse, APR; On-Demand
(to Generate More Public Relations and Marketing Buzz)
On-Demand Webinar
Categories: Communication Strategy, Techniques & Tactics
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Turn On Your Idea Machine (to Generate More Public Relations and Marketing Buzz) will help you consistently generate not only more competitive marketing and communications ideas - but more relevant ideas. Stephen Dupont, APR; On-Demand
Catch Your Readers with These Writing Basics
On-Demand Webinar
Categories: Techniques & Tactics, Writing
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It’s counterintuitive, but true: The product is never the topic. The program is never the topic. The plan is never the topic. The topic is never the topic. The reader is always the topic. Ann Wylie; On-Demand
Presented by PRSA and Ragan Communications
July 20, 2018 | Virtual Summit
Categories: Emerging Trends, Techniques & Tactics
Presented by PRSA and Ragan Communications
July 24–25, 2018 | Conference | Seattle, Wash.
Category: Social Media
The Corporate Social Responsibility Edition
On-Demand Case in Point Bundle
Categories: Branding, Communication Strategy, Leadership & Management, Techniques & Tactics
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) isn’t just a nice thing to do — it's a business imperative. Setting and implementing initiatives is a good start, but developing sustainable branded CSR initiatives that demonstrate a measurable return on investment that aligns with business objectives is the goal. Jon Sullivan; Laura Kane; On-Demand
Corporate Communications Section
Public Affairs and Government Section
Agile in Public Affairs & Communications
July 25, 2018 | Interactive Discussion
Categories: Leadership & Management, Techniques & Tactics
Working in an “Agile” way is not just the most recent buzzword in business jargon. It’s the way companies are truly changing their culture, fueling growth, empowering employees and increasing value to shareholders. April Callahan; Jamal Booker;
Presented by PRSA and Wylie Communications
July 25–26, 2018 | Workshop | Portland, Ore.
Category: Writing
Ann Wylie; In-Person
New Professionals Section
Learn What Employers are Really Looking for When Building their Communication Teams
On-Demand Section Webinar
Categories: Communication Strategy, Techniques & Tactics
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Join PRSA’s New Professionals Section as they host three industry professionals with extensive knowledge on how to build successful PR and communications teams and what hiring managers have in mind when crafting and filling positions. In addition to helpful advice on applying for and landing the job of your dreams, our speakers will provide valuable insight on what New Pros can do now to set themselves up for career success. Regina Luttrell, Ph.D.; Jenn Saldarelli; Laura Gross; Robyn Rudish-Laning; On-Demand

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