The Soft Sell

The Soft Skills Employers Want and How to Market Them

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Category: Techniques & Tactics

You'd think being a "people person" or a "lifelong learner" would be desirable skills for early-career job candidates, and they are. But are you just asking your prospective boss to take your word for it that the nice things you're saying about yourself are true? Soft skills are a big part of what you bring to the table! Let's talk about how whether you're doing the best possible PR for yourself!

By the end of this webinar you will be able to:

  • Identify the soft skills communications professionals are expected to have and the ones that are unexpected
  • Effectively prove these to employers in a way that doesn't just ask them to "take your word for it"
  • Develop those skills if you're lacking in them
  • Identify these skills if you don't know you have them 

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west virginia university


Eric Minor, Director of Student Careers and Opportunities, Reed College of Media, West Virginia University

Photo of Eric Minor

After a 17-year career in broadcast television news, Eric Minor returned to his alma mater and the best job he's ever had. Eric is the Director of Student Careers and Opportunities at the Reed College of Media at West Virginia University. Known on campus as "The Internships Guy," Eric is charged with connecting media students with experiential learning opportunities that will make them more competitive. Eric uses a blend of social science, investigative reporting technique, and marketing communications to help students learn, build, and leverage their personal brands. He also loves ice hockey, punk rock, and Star Wars.



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