The Crisis Courtroom: A Brand on Trial

Hosted by Status Labs

This evening workshop is not currently available. Email the Professional Development Department to inquire about future availability of this program.

Category: Branding

This branding story will be hosted in a mock trial room as we will be putting a national brand on trial in the middle of crisis. In this exciting workshop focused on crisis management, attendees will have the chance to play judge and jury for a fictional brand crisis and decide whether the brand successfully mastered its disaster or ultimately failed at crisis response. Digital reputation and crisis expert Darius Fisher, of Status Labs, moderates this mock trial workshop designed to share best practices with public relations and communications practitioners on the do’s and don’ts of crisis management.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand when and how to announce and respond to a crisis.
  • Explain the essential elements to include in a statement or apology.
  • Demonstrate how to communicate to your core audience.


Darius Maxwell Fisher, CEO & president, Status Labs

Photo of Darius Maxwell Fisher

Lacy Jansson, director of PR & marketing communications, Status Labs

Photo of Lacy Jansson

Courtney Rose Finkelstein, senior communications strategist, Status Labs

Photo of Courtney Rose Finkelstein