Corporate Reputation Buoyed More by CSR Storytelling Over Other Content

PRSA Webinar Features Researchers Behind Major Brand Sentiment Study

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Categories: Branding, Communication Strategy, Techniques & Tactics

“As companies increased their frequency of CSR content, fewer people talked about them neutrally and more talked about them positively,” said researcher Lawrence Bowdish of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

The author of a multi-year study of the content shared by brands through social media is urging corporations not to just do good corporate citizenship and sustainability work.  They should talk about it, too.

This webinar will explore this idea using IBM software to examine sentiment from 180 million blogs, 15 million forums and a statistically valid random sample of 10 percent of all Twitter data.   Participants will also learn how news about earnings, products and other business topics have nowhere near the positive impact as corporate social responsibility initiatives.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

- List which industries were most revered, reviled and voluminous in CSR communications.
- Understand how to use a more personable and descriptive writing style for CSR postings to yield a positive impact on sentiment.
- Demonstrate why large companies, particularly those on the Fortune 500, have better sentiment than smaller companies.
- Understand why waiting until a program is fully “baked” is squandering opportunities for social sharing and positive sentiment.


Christian Schoen, senior program manager & project executive, IBM

Schoen has over 20 years experience with IBM in sales, consulting, project management, and program management.  In his current role as a Senior Program Manager with the company's Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs organization, Schoen has global responsibility for IBM's Impact Grants Program, which provides consulting expertise and software designed to support educational, non-profitt organizations, and government agencies (federal, state, and local) in their efforts to better serve our communities. The program delivers approximately 400 grant projects worldwide each year, with an estimated market value of 14MM USD. 

In addition to his work at IBM, Schoen serves on the Board of Directors of the Atlanta Community Toolbank and volunteers regularly with a number of schools, historical societies, and social services organizations across the United States.  

Schoen holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Washington State University and graduated magna cum laude.


Dave Armon, chief marketing officer, 3BL Media



Lawrence Bowdish, researcher & food security programming director, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Lawrence Bowdish started consulting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center on its Issue Network research in May 2013. In addition to conducting and managing all of the research for the Center, he also serves as the Issue Network lead for Food Security, where he concentrates on how the private sector contributes to the technology and innovations required to end hunger, improve nutrition, and eliminate food waste.

In addition to his work with the Foundation, Bowdish is a Professor for the American Military University. Previously, he was a Professor for the American Military University, teaching courses in U.S. History, Women’s History, and the History of Technology. He also worked as a consultant for county health departments that were instituting public health initiatives for youth and teens in the state of Florida.

Bowdish holds a Ph.D. in Modern American and Economic History from the Ohio State University, where he wrote a dissertation on consumer credit, and published articles on the mortgage and student loan markets. He has a B.A. in History and Economics from New College of Florida.


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