Beyond the Click-Thrus

How to Build a Robust IC Measurement Plan Without Breaking the Bank

Hosted by the Employee Communications Section.

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Categories: Measurement & ROI, Social Media, Techniques & Tactics

It’s a challenge every internal communicator faces – how to create a meaningful measurement plan that resonates with the C-suite, and do it on a limited (or nonexistent!) budget. Angela Sinickas, ABC, IABC Fellow will lead this interactive session, outlining the do’s and don’ts for meaningful measures and detailing how to go “beyond the click-thrus” to hone in on the measurements that matter.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

- Build a meaningful internal comms measurement plan
- Recognize which measures reflect real-world outcomes
- Convey to C-level executives the insights gained through impactful comms measures
- Connect communication to behavior changes with financial impact


Angela Sinickas, ABC, IABC Fellow, member of IPR Measurement Commission, CEO, Sinickas Communications, Inc.

Photo of Angela Sinickas, ABC, IABC Fellow, member of IPR Measurement Commission

Sinickas, ABC, IABC Fellow, member of IPR Measurement Commission, has been measuring communication over several decades in both corporate positions and for clients. Her practical approaches have led to promotions for herself and clients, as well as increased funding by senior leaders.  She has conducted research and training in 32 countries, written over 150 articles on research available at her website (, and written a manual, How to Measure Your Communication Programs.



Participants with the APR credential earn 1.0 APR Maintenance Credit for a half-day course. Learn more about Accreditation maintenance.