Fundraising in a Digital Media Age

The Opportunity and Benefits of Going Viral

Hosted by the Association/Nonprofit Section.

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Category: Communication Strategy

According to the Dept. of Labor, Millennials (18-34) & Generation X (35-50) currently make up 2/3rds of the workforce.  In four years that number will be 70%.

Organizations of any type, and in particular associations and nonprofits, must begin to shift towards an updated digital media strategy.

To be more effective, digital messaging must begin to pivot;  it should come from the perspective of the donor, advocate, member, or customer.

In digital media, their ability to tell your story, will perform far better than what you could hope to do with your internal team.

Whether you're looking for new donor sources, desire to be more relevant to your membership, or compete in an overcrowded customer landscape, this webinar will give you plenty to consider as you begin to plan for the Fall and your 2017 calendar.

If you’ve discovered old methods are not performing like they used to, have someone from your staff attend this session.

Learning Objectives-

This content while primarily geared towards fundraising will be expanded for associations and private sector industries.  Attendees will observe/learn-

  • Examples of successful digital media
  • Why they tended to work
  • How P.R., Development, and Mar/Comm can replicate (provided they're ready to innovate)
  • Where this applies in social, mobile, direct mail, events, corporate sponsors/co-op marketing, P.R., and board members
  • Suggestions for next steps including how to overcome the occasional “digital immigrants conundrum” (aka- what tends to hold organizations back)
  • Post session we’ll develop several checklists (to facilitate different verticals) relating to what P.R., and Communications can do to set the stage for going viral


Peter Winters, founder, Change The Author

Photo of Peter Winters

Peter Winters is the Founder of the digital media fundraising consulting firm, Change The Author, and is the Digital Media Fundraising Specialist of MSP Cultivate, a cross media agency that specializes in fundraising. In a 2016 digital media world as consumer (donor) expectations and behaviors have changed, Peter’s focus is centered on what organizations need to do differently in order to thrive in social, mobile and online media fundraising. Peter provides strategic coaching and implementation services that mirror the changed communication patterns of donors today. This coaching results in new active follower acquisition, advocacy and new sources of donations.


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