How to Monitor Anything

Gain Insights from Your Data

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Category: Techniques & Tactics

Timing is everything … Cision is monitoring the lead up to and first day of the Republican National Convention and will be presenting data and the most popular conversations from conventioneers. Hear how Cision builds a persona data set from collected data and what insights can be gained. Join Cision Canada’s Content Marketing and Social Media Manager James Rubec who will share his experiences with monitoring events such as the Oscars, Super Bowl, March Madness and many others to showcase how to monitor events like this yourself in real time and pull actionable insights your team needs. Hear:

·         Why social media makes a great focus group. 

·         How to collect and scrub social data for insights analysis.

·         How news media impacts a social conversation.

·         What makes the difference between a viral comment and a dud.


James Rubec, content marketing and social media manager, Cision Canada

Photo of James Rubec

Rubec is Cision Canada’s Content Marketing and Social Media Manager, and works on original research using all of Cision’s tools. Rubec began his career as a journalist, writing in Ottawa and then the Northwest Territories where he moved into content writing and research for brands. He then was a PR representative for a Fortune 500 company, winning awards for research on gender equity. Today, he’s working to use social media as a predictive modeling tool for elections and using social mentions as a public polling tool, all while sharing his findings on the Cision blog. 


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