The Social Newsroom

How to Use News to Tell Your Story

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Category: Social Media

TEKGROUP’s latest research confirms that more than ever, news consumers are using social media to find and share news. They also are visiting corporate websites and online newsrooms more frequently. As reported in the 2015 Social Media News Survey Report, 91 percent of the public follow and monitor news DAILY on social media, with 60 percent sharing and recommending what they read. More importantly, 70 percent visit a corporate website or online newsroom after discovering news on social media. During this webinar, we will show you how to fully integrate your newsroom, providing and utilizing all aspects of social media. You will see best-in-class examples from companies such as Lenovo, Toyota, Sprint and T-Mobile, and how they are effectively leveraging their social newsroom to extend their content and distribution beyond the status quo.

• Learn how to fully integrate social media into your online newsroom.
• Learn how to move your content beyond the press release.
• Learn how to leverage social media as a news distribution channel.
• Learn how to monitor where your news is being viewed and shared.


Steve Momorella, owner and founder, TEKGROUP International

Photo of Steve Momorella

Momorella has more than 18 years of direct Internet experience ranging from programming to high-level design and consulting for numerous large corporations, including IBM, AOL and Ford Motor Company. Currently, he is responsible for the sales and marketing of TEKGROUP’s Online Newsroom Solution, which is used by well-known brands including Toyota, Sprint, Prudential, Walgreens, T-Mobile, Motorola Solutions, Getty Trust and many Fortune 500 companies.



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