Influencing Your Audience

Motivating People to Say Yes

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Category: Communication Strategy

As a PR pro, you face a daily challenge of having to influence those around you. Perhaps you need to convince management that your idea is better than someone else’s, or you want to persuade colleagues to sign up for a new program. What motivates people to comply with your request or accept your opinion?

In this webinar, get a revealing look at research from leading social scientists in the field of persuasion. You’ll explore principles of behavioral psychology that you can use every day, even in email, to move people toward your point of view. You’ll also:

• Learn how to strengthen your credibility when the audience doesn’t view you as credible.
• Find out how to hold attention in the body of the message with persuasive tactics that influence the audience’s thinking.
• Discover behavioral triggers that will impact an audience’s emotions.


Ken O’Quinn, founder, Writing With Clarity

Photo of Ken O’Quinn

O’Quinn conducts corporate writing workshops worldwide, working extensively with corporate communications and PR teams, as well as staff and managers in other areas of business to help improve their professional writing skills. A seasoned writer himself, he also provides one-on-one coaching for Fortune 500 companies and global PR firms. Previously, he had journalism career with the Associated Press.



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