Bringing Your A Game

How PR Suits Up and Takes a Lesson Out of Sports and Social Media’s Playbook

Hosted by the Entertainment & Sports Section.

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Category: Social Media

Public relations professionals and organizations are always looking for the “next big thing or trend” that will hit social media and public relations. One industry where you can find innovative and cutting-edge strategies is the sports industry.

This webinar will showcase some of the current trends, best practices and applications of these ideas, as well as discuss how corporations and other industries can take these and incorporate them into their own work. You also will:

• Discover what the sports industry can do to create an innovative, experiential and creative community for PR professionals and educators.
• Explore the current trends and campaigns shaping the field in the sports community (college and professional), and discuss how these implications can benefit other industries.
• Learn how to apply these practices and sports lessons to other industries through exercises, strategies and shared resources from the sports and social media community.


Karen Freberg, Ph.D., assistant professor, strategic communications, University of Louisville; adjunct instructor, IMC Graduate Online Program, West Virginia University

Freberg also is a research consultant in social media and crisis communications, and has worked with several organizations and agencies such as Firestorm Solutions, Hootsuite, Kentucky Derby Festival, DHS, CDC, National Center for Food Protection and Defense (NCFPD), and the Colorado Ski Association. This experience led her to be a 2015 Plank Center Fellow for General Motors (GM), where she was responsible for working with the PR and social media teams to form best practices and recommendations on social media measurement strategies and influencer marketing practices. Freberg’s research has been published in several book chapters and academic journals such as Public Relations Review, Media Psychology Review, Journal of Contingencies, and Crisis Management and Health Communication. She also serves on the editorial board for Psychology for Popular Media Culture and Case Studies in Strategic Communication (CSSC).  



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