Learning Audience Behavior to Drive Stronger Results

Fine-Tune Your Strategies and Tactics

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Category: Communication Strategy

Understanding your target audience’s behavior is a key critical success factor in today’s multi-channel media campaigns. Public relations professionals can incorporate personas and other behavioral marketing concepts into their practice to fine-tune strategies and tactics and improve overall campaign performance.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the basics of using behavior to drive higher performance campaigns, including: 

  • The importance of understanding behavior, not just demographics.
  • Incorporating audience behavior into strategies and tactics.
  • Using personas in public relations.


Bonnie Harris, owner, Wax Marketing; adjunct professor, Reed College of Media, West Virginia University

Photo of Bonnie Harris

Harris has designed and implemented IMC strategies for clients across the United States, including National Geographic and Yale University. Prior to founding her IMC practice in 2002, she worked in marketing and management in the technology industry for 15 years. She received her Master's degree from the IMC program at West Virginia University in December of 2007.



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