Advanced PR Writing: Apply Creativity, Style and Voice for Greater Impact

Course Duration: Approx. 6 hours
Lesson Duration: Approx. 60–90 minutes

Note: The prices below are for this module only. The price of the entire course is $699 for PRSA members and $799 for nonmembers.
Full Price: $249
Members: $199

Category: Writing

Part four of the four-part e-learning course, “Writing Skills to Increase PR Reach and Results,” this module offers detailed, skill-building techniques to create compelling communications materials.

“Advanced PR Writing” is focused on advanced writing techniques that help make your copy more exciting and memorable. Lessons include:

  • Add Creativity and Flair Using Imagery and Metaphors
  • Take Advantage of Surprise
  • Creative Word Choice
  • Becoming a Compelling Storyteller
  • Stylistic Revolt: Find Your Voice
  • A Smarter Writing Process: Tying Everything Together

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Michael Smart, principal, MichaelSMARTPR

Photo of Michael Smart

Smart has been landing top-tier coverage for 15 years. He also has trained more than 7,000 communicators across the globe on how to boost their media and blog placements, including pros from Allstate, Disney, Verizon, Hilton, Honda, Edelman and many other organizations, large and small. He has been among the top-rated presenters at the PRSA International Conference three times.



Participants with the APR credential earn 1.0 APR Maintenance Credit for each completed module of this course.