Building Consensus With Executives

Mastering the Art of Pre-Selling Your Ideas

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Category: Leadership & Management

If you think it’s hard to get one executive to approve a recommendation, imagine what it’s like to have multiple executives sitting around the table. Executives like to give input and will stretch, pull and modify recommendations to align with their individual business priorities. So, how do you get them to agree? With executives, you have to build consensus before the group conversation ever takes place. 

When pitching ideas to executives, managers must consider “building consensus” as part of their communication strategy. It takes a lot of work, but it enhances the speed and likelihood of an approval. More importantly, it is the way things are done at an executive level. In this session, we will reveal how to:

  • Prioritize key stakeholders.
  • Pre-sell ideas.
  • Modify recommendations to achieve results.


Sally L. Williamson, president and CEO, Sally Williamson & Associates

Photo of Sally L. Williamson

Williamson is a trusted resource for developing leaders at Fortune 100 companies nationwide.  For more than 30 years, she has coached C-level executives, led workshops for mid-level managers and created development programs for high-potential employees. Her expertise is spoken communication, and her passion is helping leaders at all levels become better communicators. She is a well-known expert on executive presence, and wrote a book on the topic entitled, “The Hidden Factor.” In 2014, she authored her second book, “Leading Executive Conversations,” which validates and resolves the disconnect that exists between managers and executives during high-level conversations.



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