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Rethinking the Journey to Public Relations Leadership (Part 2 of 3)

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Categories: Executive Level, Leadership & Management

The most admired professionals amongst us think differently. Learn about their unique mindsets, and how they provide us with a template for the new PR leadership of tomorrow. Whether you’re a senior executive, an aspiring manager, or a new hire, you’ll gain new perspectives that will not only advance your thinking, but your career, as well.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What it truly means to be a professional, and why professionalism can be a “game-changer” in today’s business climate.
  • The unique mindsets that trusted professionals hold and how they can be the missing link in jumpstarting one’s own journey toward obtaining a leadership position.
  • To appreciate how these mindsets are applied through three real-world case studies.

Your feedback on this session is valued and will be considered for the session, “Rethinking the Journey to Public Relations Leadership,” at the PRSA International Conference, Oct. 26–29, in Philadelphia.


Michael Kelly, SNCR Fellow, CEO, GigaMarketing/GigaCommunication

Bill Wiersma, founder and principal, Wiersma and Associates, LLC.

Photo of Bill Wiersma

Wiersma is author of the highly acclaimed books "The Power of Professionalism — The Seven Mind-Sets That Drive Performance and Build Trust" and “The Big AHA-Breakthroughs in Resolving and Preventing Workplace Conflict,” He previously was a director in a Fortune 200 organization, and was a board member and president of a privately held technology company focused on emerging markets. His consulting work includes Fortune 1000 organizations, as well as organizations in the professional services sector.



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