Demonstrate and Generate Value in Public Relations

Ensure Consistent and Continuous Improvement

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Categories: Communication Strategy, Measurement & ROI

One of the greatest challenges in our profession is proving the value of PR. With the plethora of new technology, sophisticated statistical models and “measurement manifestos,” it's easy to feel intimidated, despite the desire to demonstrate and generate true value to your employers and clients.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn to clearly define “value” and “return on investment.”
  • Review the “Demonstrating and Generating the Value of PR” handbook, which includes guidelines for implementation, deployment and ongoing management of the value-generation process.
  • Understand the research-based process by which organizational leadership and executives discuss, finalize and align the business value equation with that of PR.
  • Discuss the best approaches to guarantee that PR is positively affecting an organization, and that PR has the feedback required to improve performance over time.
  • Hear the results of thousands of executive interviews and value-alignment case studies.


Mark Weiner, CEO, PRIME Research

Photo of Mark Weiner

Weiner has devoted his career to helping organizations and brands generate a positive return on their PR investment. He authored “Unleashing the Power of PR," and has contributed to three other texts and published more than 100 articles. He is an editorial advisory board member of PRSA’s The Public Relations Strategist and PR News.



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