Improving Stakeholder Engagement

Strategies for Empowering Your Members

Hosted by the Association/Nonprofit Section.

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Category: Communication Strategy

In 2007, 8-1-1 became the national three-digit phone number to reach any of the 62 call-before-you-dig centers that notify utility companies of a person’s intent to dig near their buried facilities. This new phone number gave the 1,400 members of Common Ground Alliance (CGA), the national association designated by the U.S. Department of Transportation to promote 8-1-1, a common message to share. But for CGA, a small organization with just four full-time employees and a relatively small annual marketing budget, the challenge became finding ways to motivate members to promote the 8-1-1 message.

This session will feature strategies for empowering stakeholders to promote a common message to increase public awareness and action in measurable ways. It also will feature case studies, including one about how and why CGA was able to get members to promote 8-1-1 through NASCAR, and will conclude with an analysis of how CGA measures effectiveness. You will:

  • Identify key ways to motivate members/supporters to execute their own campaigns that promote a shared message.
  • Discover creative ways to expand your budget by presenting strategic opportunities to your members/supporters.
  • Learn the best practices to establish an annual communications plan that can be easily implemented by members/supporters.
  • Discover how to integrate your entire membership/supporter base into a campaign championed by one member/supporter.
  • Learn how to measure the success of a stakeholder engagement campaign, in terms of both member relations and public relations.


Kerr is an expert at finding the motivating factors that will take association stakeholders off the sidelines and into the marketing and public relations action. She began working for CGA in 2007 after spending two years as a contractor for the association, which included coordinating more than 1,000 stakeholders to launch the 8-1-1 phone number nationwide. Prior to that, she worked for a CGA member, the Ohio Utilities Protection Service.


McMurry is responsible for MGH’s ever-evolving group of public relations services, making them integrate with the other marketing services MGH executes for its clients. His passion lies in developing fresh and unique content that will get the right people talking — whether it’s the media, stakeholders, social media influencers, customers or internal audiences. His primary experience is with associations, but he also boasts more than a decade of work with tourism, health care and sports clients.


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