How to Grow Word-of-Mouth Movements

People Are the Killer App

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Category: Crisis & Reputation

    In this session, you’ll learn seven lessons for building and growing a world-of-mouth movement for your brand. You’ll also:

    • Understand the difference between a movement and a campaign, as well as how to grow and measure return on investment (ROI).
    • Learn how to turn product discussions into passionate conversations by empowering your fans to share brand ownership.
    • Hear about word-of-mouth case studies and more!


Photo of Geno Church

Church is responsible for developing word-of-mouth, buzz, viral and evangelism strategies for the agency’s clients. In his 14+ years with Brains on Fire, Church has helped build word-of-mouth into the identities of brands including Fiskars Brands, the American Booksellers Association, Rawlings Sporting Goods, Rage Against the Haze and many others.



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