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You’re a recent college graduate — now what? If you’re joining the workforce for the first time (or still getting your bearings), Susan Balcom Walton, M.A., APR, explains that Millennials must understand and deliver on coworker’s expectations. Follow her tips here to succeed in your new role.

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7 Reasons Why the Golden Age of Public Relations Is within Reach

The Internet created a communications revolution that is driving the way people are relating to each other, to brands and to information. Ken Makovsky, APR, Fellow PRSA believes that the skills and strengths of our profession positions our public relations to lead the global conversation.

Inside text4baby’s Winning Silver Anvil Campaign

“Text4baby: Going Mobile with Pregnancy Education,” demonstrates the power of social media to deliver critical information to the right audience at the right time. Through research, strategic partnerships and careful targeting, the campaign overcame initial setbacks to reach over 134,000 at-risk pregnant women — and the service continues to grow.

You can’t escape every impending crisis, but with the right steps you can mitigate the damage. PR executives play a crucial role in difficult times: You must work with top leadership to anticipate and influence events as they unfold. Here, Virgil Scudder shares some principles for managing bad news.

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