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Profiles in PR | ‘Making It Better’ Traci Rose Blazes a Trail in the Portland Community

Publication Date: 11/2010

Source: SO01 Public Relations Tactics
Product Code: 6C-111007
Organization/Author/Firm: Amy Jacques
Specialization(s): Community Relations / Corporate Communications
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Traci Rose began her career with the Portland Trail Blazers NBA franchise in 1986 in the finance department. After “dabbling with the company newsletter” she processed college scouting reports in the basketball office and soon ended up in the communications office. She’s had five distinct career paths in the organization and eight different job titles, and passionately refers to her past 24 years with the Trail Blazers as “a journey more than a destination.”

A mother of two, Rose loves spending time with her husband and family, and vacationing in her native Oregon. She serves as the vice president of communications and community relations for the Trail Blazers and directs the team’s basketball, corporate and internal communications, as well as media relations, for the Rose Quarter and Rose Garden arena. Rose also manages the team’s “Make It Better” community initiatives, athlete community engagement, youth basketball outreach, employee volunteerism, officers’ boards and commissions, alumni relations and the NBA Cares community agenda.