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Profiles in PR: From Desk to Desert: Re-Enlisting in the Army 23 Years Later

Publication Date: 9/2010

Source: SO01 Public Relations Tactics
Product Code: 6C-091006
Organization/Author/Firm: Neil Gussman
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For the next five months, the Task Force Diablo newsletter went out to the 700 soldiers in our unit at 9 a.m. every Monday. All distribution was through e-mail because most soldiers had a computer.

During that time, nearly every week I was on flights with a MEDEVAC Blackhawk, a transport Blackhawk or a huge Chinook helicopter. I wrote about the pilots, flight medics, clerks, cooks and mechanics who left their civilian lives for a year to transport and sometimes save the lives of soldiers in Iraq.

Which means I left my day job as media relations manager for a museum and library of chemistry in Philadelphia, traveled 10,000 miles, learned everything from hand-to-hand combat to convoy security — only to find myself writing and editing in the sandstorm capital of the world.

Clearly, I embody the proverb, “Wherever you go, there you are” (attributed to sources from Confucius to Buckaroo Banzai).