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Backstage From Boston

November 1, 2017

PRSA Publications Team [albert chau]
PRSA Publications Team [albert chau]

There is always a lot to experience during PRSA’s International Conference.

And this year in Boston on Oct. 8-10 wasn’t any different. There were six programming tracks with more than 100 workshops, as well as the four General Session speakers and the Networking Luncheon.

In addition, there were many other opportunities to network and learn, including at the Diversity and Inclusion Mixer, the Newcomers Orientation, the Opening Night Reception, the After-Hours Section Sweet Social and the Cocktail Reception with the Exhibitors. Not to mention the line at the hotel Starbucks.

Having attended 22 PRSA Conferences, I know that it can be an overwhelming yet rewarding and invigorating event. I enjoy talking with attendees and exhibitors to hear what they are doing and what’s top of mind in the profession.

I especially like the behind-the-scenes action, waiting backstage after a General Session to interview a speaker or arriving to the ballroom early for a strategic spot to report and live-tweet from. (Speaking of Twitter, check out our @PRSAtactics coverage from throughout the Conference.)

Thank you to everyone who helps put on the event and also to all of those who attended, with a special shout-out to our talented PRSA editorial team — Managing Editor Amy Jacques and Editorial Assistant Dean Essner. (We appear together in this high school yearbook-worthy photo.)

I’ll leave you with a few quality sound bites from our keynote speakers:

  • “Step up and take chances that no one else would. Don’t be afraid of change that may or may not occur. Getting your story into the hands, hearts and minds of your audience is the greatest accomplishment.” — Morgan Spurlock 
  • “It’s important to know that you have to have a single-minded obsession with seeing your vision in the world, otherwise it’s never going to happen.” — Bea Arthur
  • “Just because you’re sure doesn’t mean you’re right. Ask yourself: 'What am I missing?' We need to be asking the bigger, badder, better, bolder questions.” — AmyK Hutchens
  • “I dare you to be different. Being different is the secret recipe that will get you new clients.” — Jay Baer
John Elsasser

John Elsasser is the editor-in-chief of Strategies & Tactics. He joined PRSA in 1994.



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