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PRSA 2017 International Conference

The Spirit of Revolution: Communications in the 21st Century

Oct. 8–10 | Boston

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Social Media and Technology for Crisis Communications of the Future

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How do you communicate critical information before, during and after a crisis, when the media can’t reach you and you’re holding on by a thread without electricity or other modern conveniences? Veteran “storm chaser” and crisis communications expert Gerard Braud, president and CEO, Braud Communications, shares the techniques he successfully pioneered to broadcast live to CNN and The Weather Channel when standing in hurricane flood waters with no electricity for days. Participants will walk away with the skills needed to be the communications professional of the future.

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Gerard Braud, president and CEO, Braud Communications

Photo of Gerard Braud

Braud spent 15 years as an award-winning journalist, with affiliate reports seen around the world on CNN, CBS, NBC and the BBC. He is the author of “Don’t Talk to the Media Until... 29 Secrets You Need to Know Before You Open Your Mouth to a Reporter.”