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PRSA 2017 Travel and Tourism Conference

May 21–24 | Palm Springs, Calif.

Tuesday, May 23
2–3 p.m.
Breakout Sessions: Set V

Reeling in Regional Wins

Every key market has them, the incredibly local, yet nearly impossible lifestyle publications to get featured in. Unless it is in your backyard, or you know someone who knows someone who once freelanced for their new editor, it can seem daunting to break into a regionally focused magazine. Join us as we bring together top experts from regional publications and publishing houses

Key takeaways:

Darren Elms, editorial director, Southbay Magazine
Craig Outhier, editor, Phoenix Magazine
Virginia Smyth, executive editor, Seattle Magazine

Darren Elms
Darren has served as Moon Tide Media’s chief content officer for the last decade. He’s the editor in chief of Southbay Magazine, Southbay HOME, Southbay HEALTH, Et Cetera, Terranea Life and Terranea
Magazine. Darren’s big break came at the age of 11 when he had a poem published in Disney Channel Magazine. He wishes he could live in the movie La La Land, moonlights as a travel writer and splits time
between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Craig Outhier

A product of California public schooling, Craig Outhier has worked as a sports writer, newspaper movie critic and magazine editor. He has edited PHOENIX magazine in Arizona since 2013.


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