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PRSA 2017 Travel and Tourism Conference

May 21–24 | Palm Springs, Calif.

Monday, May 22
4:15–5:15 p.m.
Breakout Sessions: Set III

“The Sky High Influence of Experiential Marketing”

The world is shifting to an experiential economy. Consumers are no longer defined by their belongings, but rather defined by their experiences. Experiential Marketing consists in creating experiences that engage consumers, thrill their senses and flare up their passion for a particular brand or destination. It shares a brand’s story and message while creating share-worthy moments resulting in the creation of strong relationships between the brand and its consumers. Engaging customers in this way creates a positive image for the brand. This marketing strategy does not tell, but rather shows and involves your target market with the benefits of your brand.

Experiential Marketing is all about creating the forever-wanted emotional connection between a brand and its consumers. It is actually a multi-dynamic ecosystem built out of different disciplines such as art, architecture, fashion, music, design, video and cutting-edge technology. With this handful of resources, you can create a world of experiences. In today’s challenging environment (digital landscape), finding a way to break through the clutter in order to be heard and understood has become essential. Experiential Marketing gives you the tools to create a two-way conversation and engage your consumers. It’s a strategy that layers social and PR tactics to amplify and extend the reach of a brand to a wider audience. 

Key Takeaways:


Edward Starr, Partner, BMF Media


Ashley Chejade-Bloom, Principal, LFB Media Group

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