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PRSA 2017 Travel and Tourism Conference

May 21–24 | Palm Springs, Calif.

Monday, May 22
1:45–2:45 p.m.
Breakout Sessions: Set I

“Turning Negative Perceptions to Your Advantage”

From disaster sites to haunted hotels to marijuana tours and everything else controversial in between, the travel industry is ever changing with  new and often peculiar story lines and adventures. Find out how to navigate the world of “dark  tourism” and what to do if your guests or visiting media are interested in the experiences that are often only discussed in hushed tones.

Key takeaways:

Molly Blaisdell, PR Representative for Alcatraz Excursions, Hook, Line & Thinker
Samantha Chin, Founder and Owner of PotGuide
Sara Baumann, PR Manager, Hotel Del Coronado




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