Breakout Session: Set V, 1:15–2:15 p.m.

"Par for Course: Building Relationships With Outdoor/Golf Outlets"
Villa Room, Second Floor
Golf and adventure travel are multibillion-dollar tourism industries. Whether you seek to promote a golf course, sponsor a golf tournament or represent a destination with a variety of golf courses or outdoor activities, finding coverage can be a challenge. In this session, several of the top golf and outdoor journalists will offer case studies and inside tips on the best way to get your event or attraction covered by key golf and outdoor media outlets. You will learn:


"Destination Family: Tapping the Burgeoning Market of Multigenerational Travelers"
Zapata Room, Second Floor
One of the industry’s fastest growing facets is multigenerational travel.  Family travel has come a long way since the term was synonymous with Disney or camping. As 60 becomes the new 40, and 50 the new 30, family members of all ages are active, interested and looking for opportunities to travel together. In this session, you will learn:

Leslie Yap is editorial director of AutoClub Publications and editor-in-chief of Texas Journey, New Mexico Journey and Alabama Journey. During her 12 years with AAA, she has also worked on AAA's Westways and Western Journey (WA) magazines. Prior to being employed by AAA, she was an editor at Modern Maturity  (now AARP: The Magazine) and Cat Fancy. She is the mother of two boys, age 12 and 15, and enjoys organizing group trips with friends and family, including an annual camping trip with up to 50 people. Two years ago she planned a three-generation family reunion in Mammoth Lakes, California, and her research resulted in a recent article on destination family reunions titled "Great Ways to Gather" for the AAA publications.


Evelyn Kanter is a freelance writer, contributor to Westways, as well as author of "Peaceful Places: New York City." Kanter has been reporting on travel since the 1970s, when she was an investigative consumer reporter for ABC Television and CBS Radio in New York.  Her current focus is environmental and affordable travel, especially for multi-generation families and groups.  Kanter has written or edited more than two dozen travel guidebooks, including for Michelin.  Her first travel app, "NYC Free and Frugal," was published in 2010. Her articles have appeared in publications including The New York Times, Family Circle, Redbook, Travel & Leisure and in-flights; she is a regular travel contributor to Yahoo News and ASTA Network Magazine, writes a syndicated newspaper column on car travel, and publishes two blogs, and   Kanter also has served as an on-air spokesperson for travel-related companies, and works with corporate executives and celebrities as an interview skills coach to prepare them for talk show appearances.  She is a native and lifelong New Yorker, mother of two, and grandmother of two. She can be reached at (212) 724-7071.

Norm Wilkens, president, Wilkens Consulting,was twice called on to head an advertising agency team that marketed the State of Indiana. In the l980’s, Wilkens produced and directed two-one hour video travel documentaries – one on the Caribbean and one covering Europe – that were aired on Indianapolis television.  An accomplished writer, Norm has written a number of articles for California’s AAA Magazine – Westways. He is also involved in completing a book on business travel, “The Hot Water Doesn’t Reach The 13th Floor.”


"Showcasing Strategy: Featuring Arts and Culture in Your Destination Campaign"
Carranza Room, Second Floor
Showcasing your destination’s unique character through arts and culture can often be a more effective means of highlighting an area’s local flavor than great hotels, restaurants, night life or family activities. Arts and culture offer the distinct experience of shining a spotlight into the heart and soul of a community. So, where are the arts on your media radar?  In this session, you will learn:

Link: MOMA I went Campaign

What key media are seeking to cover in the promotion of the arts.